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  Olivier Gérard
Contact 8 rue Sophie Germain
75014 Paris
Priv. phone: +33-1-43202933
Prof. phone: +33-1-45106813
E-mail: Olivier.Gerard@lip6.fr
Civil status French, married, born on February 26, 1971 in Reims, France.
  Employment history
1999-today: Project leader, Philips Research Lab., Paris, France.
2D and 3D Medical image processing and visualization for X-ray and ultrasound applications.
Skills: Image processing, 3D rendering, Cardiology applications, active participation in international projects
also Webmaster for the MEDISYS research group
1995-1999: Research scientist in the Philips Research Laboratory, Paris, France
Development and implementation of a new smart battery management system for portable equipments in collaboration with Fluke Inc.
Skills: Neural Networks, Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Control Theory.
Development of automatic contour extraction techniques applied to digital X-ray images of the human heart.
Skills: Neural Networks, Image Processing, Hidden Markov Models, Dynamic Programming.
June-Sept. 92: Consulting report: credit card database management for a French Bank (CIC Paris)
Detailed study of the card database and the queries between the server and the cash machines
June-Sept. 91: Research intern: neural networks time series analysis, Banque de France
Study of new neural networks methods for currency exchange rate predictions.
  Educational background
1995-1999: Ph.D.  Computer Science Lab. of Paris 6 U. (LIP6), with discinction
Neural Network research under the supervision of Pr. P. Gallinari and Pr. F. d'Alché-Buc and in collaboration with LEP, the French research lab. for Philips N.V.
Development of algorithms for estimating evolving parameters with neural networks. Applications: smart battery management system and medical image analysis.
1994-1995: DEA (one year master) degree, Paris 6 University, with distinction.
Major: artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. Projects: genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks. Six months thesis at LEP, engineering of original adaptive and incremental system for smart battery management based on neural networks.
1993-1994: Master degree in Computer Science, Florida Tech, GPA: 4.0
(aka Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida) Courses on Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Programming, Formal Languages, Database Management Systems,..
1991-1994: Engineer Degree of Computer Science, EISTI, Cergy, France
General studies of computer science: programming techniques (OS, Unix, Algorithms) and languages (8086, Pascal, C, C++, Prolog), database management (theory, SQL), control theory...
Third year major in Human-Machine interface, with computer graphics and speech recognition. Development of a speech recognizer for the french digits.
  Technical skills
General: Computer science, medical image processing, 3D rendering, speech processing, artificial intelligence, neural networks, statistics, pattern recognition, control theory, database management, human-machine interface, multimedia technologies.
OS: DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux.
Programming: Languages: C, C++ (Visual C++, MFC), Java, Matlab, SmallTalk, Lisp, Prolog
Internet: HTML, Javascript, Java applets
Tools: Unix shell scripts, awk, Linux administration.
Experience : 4 years development on Unix and 1 year on Windows,
            Webmaster of research group for the last 2 years.
Office: Word processing (Word, Latex), Spreadsheet (Excel) and presentation (PowerPoint, Showcase) on Windows'95, Windows NT and UNIX. 
Publications: Author of several journal and conference papers and of four international patents (see list). 
  Linguistic skills
French: Mother tongue. 
English: Fluent, oral and written. 
German: Elementary knowledge. 
Leisure: Travel (Europe, Scandinavia, USA), reading (Sci-Fi, ...), computers.
Sports Basket-Ball, downhill skiing, swimming and bicycle riding.
Misc.: Voluntary worker in international projects: environmental protection (Warsaw, Poland, 1988), Habitat for Humanity (Chicago, 1990).
Publications Author of four international patents and of several journal and conference papers (see list)
References List available upon request

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