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Olivier GÉRARD

Research Scientist, Project leader 1999... Philips Research Lab
PhD, Computer Science
Paris 6 U. & Philips Lab
DEA: One-year French Master, CS 1995 Paris 6 University
Master of Computer Science 1994 Florida Tech
Computer Science Engineer Degree 1994 EISTI
Birth 1971 Reims, France
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Laboratoire d'informatique de
l'Université Paris 6
Computer Science Lab of Paris 6 University

1995: DEA (one-year French like Master) of Artificial Intelligence
with major in training methods and artificial neural networks.
Project on Genetic Algorithms and 6-month thesis at LEP (research lab for Philips)
about application of Artificial Neural Networks to Smart Battery Management.

Florida Institute of Technology, 
Melbourne, Florida

1994: Master of Computer Science, GPA 4.0
Courses followed: Computer Graphics, Formal Languages, 
projects on OOP, OS, Compilers

Ecole Internationale des Sciences 
du Traitement de l'Information
1994: Engineer degree in Computer Science
International engineer school of Computer Science
with major in Human-Machine Interface and more specifically
in Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence.
Project on speech recognition of the French digits.


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